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Explore our collection of faucet accessories offering various styles and colors to personalize and enhance the functionality of your faucet.

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Find the perfect accessories to elevate your faucet's performance and aesthetics.

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Explore our range to find the perfect spare parts tailored to your bathroom needs.

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Upgrade, repair, or enhance your faucet with our quality components.

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Upgrade your sink faucet seamlessly with our engineered components, ensuring improved water flow, leak prevention, and optimized functionality.

Bathroom Faucet Spares

Our range ensures reliability, offering spares crafted to meet your specific bathroom fixture needs.

Shower Faucet Parts

Select from a variety of durable materials and finishes to match your bathroom décor.
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Discover the perfect fit for your faucet repair needs today!

Welcome to our platform offering premium faucet parts and accessories. Explore our extensive range of durable and stylish components, catering to both kitchen and bathroom needs. From faucet handles to essential plumbing fixtures, find everything you need for repairs and upgrades. Experience top-notch quality and reliability with our comprehensive selection of faucet spares. 


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What our clients are saying.

Exceeding your expectations, our factory’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence make us your first choice for faucet fittings.

Callum Whitaker
Callum Whitaker
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We have very little water pressure in our house - this not only has great pressure but the fact that you can shut it off at the shower head itself is a huge bonus.
Chelsea Hughes
Chelsea Hughes
Read More
Is our great little additions to our bathroom sink. Normally no range of motion for our short faucets. This creates a water fountain, and versatility to rinse the sides of the bowl as well. They also come with everything you need, including the plumbers tape. We would highly recommend them!
Kate West
Kate West
Read More
It's cool, specifically the waterfall feature, but also very practical. The pressure flow from all three modes is good and the rotation and reach is great. I have a builder grade stainless steel double sink and the only place it doesn't reach well is the back left corner of the right sink and the back right corner of the left sink.
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