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Fosilent Stainless Steel Sink BZ9954 Waterfall Kitchen Sink 2024 Smart Waterfall Workstation Kitchen Sink Set



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Model: BZ9954
Fosilent Kitchen Sink with Waterfall Sink Design, Nano 304 Stainless Steel Waterfall Kitchen Sink with Accessories
【What You Get】
· Crafted from robust and premium stainless steel featuring a Nano coating, our kitchen sink ensures durability and strength. Its high-density steel construction withstands pressure, preventing deformation and scratches.
· Our waterfall-style sink offers ample space and versatility, equipped with double tracks for sliding built-in accessories. Included are stainless steel inner basin, and triangular draining basket, transforming your sink into a functional workspace.
· This single-bowl sink can be partitioned into two work areas and pairs perfectly with a 360-degree pull-out faucet and pure water faucet, enhancing efficiency and catering to diverse needs.
· Engineered for quiet operation, our sink incorporates noise-proof rubber pads and nano-coating, ensuring cleanliness and efficient drainage. It remains free from water droplet condensation, making it a sought-after farmhouse kitchen sink.
· Package includes Sink, Pull-Out Faucet, Inner Basin, Triangle Draining Basket, Cup Washer, Drain, along with English instructions.

Explore the convenience of our multifunctional kitchen sink workstation, designed for efficiency and practicality BZ9954






Experience a gentle, thorough rinsing with our innovative waterfall design. Soft, splash-free, and efficient, the dual waterfalls ensure a unique cleaning experience, effortlessly handling various scenarios without splashing.

✅ Autonomous power generation technology that can provide power by the internal water flow rather than the additional batteries.

✅ Our high-pressure cup washer simplifies cleaning—just press the cup, no electricity needed, freeing your hands for a hassle-free experience.

✅ 【Practical Workstation Sink】Constructed with sliding rail to move the accessories smoothly makes this kitchen sink a workstation.

✅ The removable and separate deep basket is designed to effectively prevent debris from clogging the drain pipe, ensuring easy maintenance and hassle-free cleaning for your sink.

✅ Maximize sink space efficiency with our 304 stainless steel double-layer track, allowing flexible movement and practical use.

✅ Our 2-in-1 design sink set includes a pot in pot, and triangle drain basket, facilitating organized storage within the sink, optimizing kitchen space, and streamlining pre-meal preparation.

✅【Soap dispenser】 This soap dispenser can be filled up with hand soap, dish soap, liquid detergent or hand lotion. Multipurpose use makes it useful in the kitchen and bathroom.

✅ 【Left-Mounted Drain】Left corner downspout, micro-slope diversion drainage is more smooth, cabinet space utilization rate increased by 90%, increase the storage space under the counter, convenient storage of kitchen supplies and appliances.

Upgrade your kitchen with our big sinks, featuring tight R10 rounded corners for easy cleaning and a modern look. Ideal for most families, these sinks perfectly match your kitchen appliances for a stylish and functional space.

🌟 Package Included:

Fosilent Stainless Steel Sink BZ9954 accessories fit

✔ 1x Nano sink

✔ 1x Water control set

✔ 1x Pull-out faucet

✔ 1x Pressurized cup washer

✔ 1x Movable basin

✔ 1x Drainage basket

✔ 1x Drain

✔ 1x Soap dispenser


  1. Do not let soft iron, hard or rusty objects contact with the sink for a long time.
  2. Do not wash items in the sink with strong acids and bases.
  3. Clean the sink after each use and wipe it dry.

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